Training Facility Breach Doors

Folkman Inc has developed a breach door comparable to no one else. It is a fully fuctional door that also can be "breached" by being kicked in. It has reloadable wooden dowels on latch mechanism so it can be breached an unlimited number of times. It can also use different types of wood dowels to adjust the amount of force needed to break open the door. It is currently being used in Tactical Training Facilities through out the US. The most common application is put into shipping containers, it is easily welded into the container with a Tube Steel Frame.

Windows and Sniper Ports with Shutters

Another popular item for training facilities is Windows and sniper ports, they feature Marine Grade Wooden Shutters, that slide in tracks, with a 4 x 2 Tubesteel Frame, these are also easily welded into shipping containers.

More items that we provide for training facilities are Pass thru Frames with covers for easy trasition from container to container. Any kind of railings or Stairway Systems/Stair Towers.

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Video Demonstration